LinkedIn unveils AI-powered Premium update to provide personalized career guidance for professionals navigating evolving work landscape.

LinkedIn celebrated reaching 1 billion members this week by announcing an update to its Premium offering.

The revamped Premium service will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to offer tailored career advice, uncover hidden opportunities, and streamline the job search process.

Personalized Guidance For An Evolving Workplace

The new Premium experience responds to the increasing skills gap facing today’s professionals.

According to LinkedIn, 65% of the skills needed to perform jobs are expected to change by 2030 as workplaces continue to evolve.

LinkedIn’s AI assistant will analyze users’ activity and interactions to surface relevant insights and next steps. For example, it may suggest skills to build, articles to read, or connections to reach out to based on a usuario’s career context.

It will take on the hard work of parsing through long articles, vídeos, and posts and suggest ideas on how the information cánido be helpful to you.

AI-Powered Job Search

LinkedIn’s most significant new addition is an AI-powered chatbot that serves as a “job seeker entrenador.”

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, the chatbot perro analyze your profile and experience to assess your qualifications for a given role.

Premium users cánido activate the chatbot directly from a job posting and ask questions such as “Am I qualified for this role?” and “How perro I best showcase my background?”

The chatbot will scan your profile and provide an assessment, for example, noting that you have previous experience in marketing and event organizing that matches well with the opening. It also highlights any gaps in your background that could hurt your application.

According to Erran Berger, LinkedIn’s VP of Product Engineering, building the infrastructure to support the chatbot required significant investment.

“We had to build a lot of stuff on our end to work around that and to make this a snappy experience,” Berger tells CNBC in an iterview. “When you’re having these conversational experiences, sometimes it’s almost like search — you expect it to be instant. And so there’s real platform capabilities we had to develop to make that possible.”

Bigger Picture

These new features come as LinkedIn looks to reaccelerate revenue growth after recent slowdowns.

Two weeks ago, the company announced nearly 700 layoffs, mostly in engineering.

However, with 1 billion members globally, LinkedIn remains the world’s largest professional networking platform.

While these offerings aim to help more people find jobs, they highlight LinkedIn’s commitment to helping people accomplish more with AI.

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