You could put your blood, sweat, and tears into designing the best website on the internet—but without proper SEO, it simply won’t bring in the amount of traffic you’re hoping for.

But what if you had a program that could fully optimize your SEO and improve your site’s performance for you? WebCEO offers just that, with a suite of 23 tools that check, track, and implement SEO so business owners don’t have to.

The brand’s functionality and customer support are top-notch, with more than enough utility for both new and established businesses to find ways to boost their online presence.

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WebCEO: The Good and the Bad

There are a few things that any marketing agency should be looking for in an SEO suite. With its 23 advertised tools, WebCEO offers a ton of SEO hacks and features to boost your website’s performance and customize your brand in 2023.

While there are some drawbacks we’ll take a look at, such as the lack of on-premise Windows installation, WebCEO is a tool we highly recommend for most businesses wanting to up their SEO game.

What WebCEO Is Good At

Here are the features that impressed us the most when testing and reviewing WebCEO for businesses. First, we’ll list some of our favorite tools WebCEO offers. Then, we’ll talk about some of the benefits you get from these tools.

Rank tracking: WebCEO allows businesses to track their SEO ranking and their competitors’ SEO rankings using over 370 search engines. We appreciated its detailed breakdown of the results, including the ability to sort by competitors for certain keywords or tags.

You can view this info in convenient reports, which help turn the piles of data into actually useful marketing strategies.

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Optimization suggestions: One of the most versatile features of the WebCEO suite is its ability to analyze a website and provide suggestions based on 50+ factors that influence site ranking. These include suggestions on how to increase page speed, how to make pages more user-friendly on mobile devices, and how to make the HTML code cleaner.

Technical audits: This tool takes the optimization to the next level by giving you the ability to audit your site for issues such as page access restrictions, indexability, and broken links/images. The user experience is really critical to the ranking of any website, making this an essential feature for businesses of any size.

Keyword research: Keyword research is a skill all its own, one that SEO experts refine for years. WebCEO’s ability to make competitive keyword suggestions to its clients is a powerful asset for any business that wants to improve its SEO performance. It works with Google Search Console too, allowing WebCEO to offer these suggestions in 25 languages.

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SEO audits and content assistance: SEO is much more involved than just choosing the right keywords. Additional tools in the WebCEO suite allow users to optimize on-page SEO elements like ALT attributes and descriptions. You can also get real-time SEO content advice, as the system is able to compare your page to your competitor’s page—and then tell you how to beat them.

Backlink tracking: Backlinks are key to any website’s SEO performance, because search engines analyze the quality and quantity of backlinks leading to your site, looking for authoritative sources. While most businesses just build links and hope for the best, WebCEO has a tool that allows users to track specific backlinks and analyze their performance and authority. Additionally, WebCEO offers robust backlink checker reports, and you can even see your competitors’ backlink profiles.

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SERP tracking: SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page—it’s the list of results that come up when you search a keyword in a search engine. Some tools assist businesses with SEO without tracking their ranking on the SERP, which is kind of like fixing an engine without testing the car. WebCEO always keeps tabs on this important piece of the puzzle.

Traffic analysis: WebCEO works with Google Analytics to help you break down how users got to your site, the languages and locations where you perform the best, and the top searches that draw the most traffic to your pages. Google Ads then lets you optimize your marketing campaign using this very analysis, resulting in targeted and effective ads.

Social media analytics: In 2023, social media is more important than ever for businesses looking to track and optimize their performance. WebCEO collaborates with Google Analytics to show you Facebook and Pinterest feeds, as well as other social media campaigns. You can track engagement, analyze the demographics, and set benchmarks goals. This is a super unique feature, as not all SEO tools offer social media insights. By tracking your brand across social media platforms, you can even use WebCEO to manage your reputation and actively participate in conversations to ensure your brand is seen.

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Customer support: WebCEO offers a wide range of customer support options, including an email help desk, on-site chat functions, an FAQ section, and an old-fashioned phone support line. In our experience, it’s easy to get the help you need setting up or optimizing WebCEO for your business.

These were some of our favorite tools, but it’s not a comprehensive list whatsoever. WebCEO is chock full of bells and whistles, and another great aspect is the brand’s ongoing support and maintenance for its suite. The program is constantly getting new updates, with the most recent one including better translation tools, instant notifications, and bulk actions in the backlink tracker.

All those features sound nice in theory, but will they actually help your website’s performance? We say yes.

Here’s a summary of what all those tools can actually help your business accomplish.

Your rankings can improve: WebCEO will help you research and analyze the keywords you should be using for your business, refine your SEO strategy, and filter your rankings by all kinds of demographics. The more information your team has, the better they can create strategies to improve your business’s standings on search engines—and WebCEO will give you a lot of information.

You’ll be able to keep tabs on your competitors: Improving your site is only important if you know which improvements will put you ahead of your competitors. WebCEO gives you numerous ways to track your competitors’ performances, including viewing the top competitors for your keywords, finding the sites that link to your competition, and seeing their estimated traffic.

You’ll get to know your users’ demographics: You can group your visitors by geographic location, age, and more to find out where your traffic is coming from and the pages they’re most likely to visit. This means you can create more efficient targeted marketing strategies.

You’ll be more organized than ever: WebCEO has a built-in task manager section that allows you to set goals and stay organized. The program also sets automatic alerts so users can spot problems quickly and take action right away to protect their ranking and image.

Your website’s performance can improve: At a high level, performance is one of the most important factors of any website. It’s truly a critical aspect of SEO, as it determines whether or not visitors will return to your website. WebCEO analyzes your pages for technical issues so your team can fix them as soon as possible.

WebCEO’s Potential Drawbacks

No SEO software solution is perfect. Here’s a short list of the potential drawbacks you might encounter when using the program.

No on-premise implementation: Unlike some other software solutions, WebCEO can only be used via Cloud and web-based applications. On-premise Windows and Linux systems won’t be able to use it.

Limited training features: We like that WebCEO has online training documents, plus in-person help with optimizing the program. But its teaching tools don’t feature any videos or webinars, which could make it difficult for some users to get the information they need.

No free trial: Not much to elaborate on here. While some suites offer a free trial, which is particularly useful for businesses that want to gauge how well a program integrates with their existing systems, WebCEO just doesn’t have one.

WebCEO Plans and Pricing

WebCEO offers multiple plans depending on your business’s needs. While it advertises a low starting price of $37 per month, most agencies will need the $99 version to get all the features they need.

This places WebCEO in the mid-to-high range for services like this, so be sure to review the plan details below to pick the one that’s right for your business. We itemized the plans by the features offered so you can more easily compare them.

Solo plan: Starting at $37 per Month

WebCEO’s cheapest plan offers a simplified version of its suite of SEO tools. The company advertises it for the SEO newbie and gives users the ability to manage one project and up to 100 keywords at $37 per month billed quarterly. Only one verified user can use this plan, hence the name.

Many bloggers and one-person website ventures use this plan to take their SEO to the next level. For a business though, you’ll probably need something more substantial.

The features of this plan include:

  • Daily manual audits
  • Weekly automated scans
  • 1,000 audited pages
  • 1,000 analyzed backlinks
  • 15 analyzed competitor keywords
  • 1 free domain analysis per day
  • 1 Google Business location

Startup Plan: Starting at $99 per Month

The startup plan is intended for startups or mid-tier businesses. It allows you to manage up to five projects and 600 keywords for $99 per month billed monthly.

Your account can have up to five users, making the plan ideal for startups with a small team of entrepreneurs who want to collaborate.

The features of this plan include:

  • Daily manual audits and rank scans
  • 5,000 audited pages—1,000 per project
  • 10,000 analyzed backlinks—2,000 per project
  • 30 analyzed competitor keywords
  • 3 free domain analyses per day
  • 3 Google Business locations
  • 5 SEO leads per day
  • 5 total users

Agency Unlimited Plan: Starting at $99 per Month

The Agency Unlimited gives you unlimited projects, unlimited teammates, and unlimited keywords. There are some extra charges though, such as $4 per month per 1,000 rank queries and $2 per active project.

Due to these extra charges, we can recommend the Agency Unlimited plan to most small and mid-tier businesses—but once you reach a certain size, you may benefit from the next tier up.

The features of this plan include:

  • Daily manual audits and rank scans
  • Unlimited audited pages—50,000 per project
  • Unlimited analyzed backlinks—$0.4 per 1,000 links
  • Unlimited analyzed competitor keywords—$0.1 per keyword
  • 3 free domain analyses per day—$0.25 per scan after that
  • 5 Google Business locations per project
  • 5 SEO leads per day—$0.49 per lead for each additional
  • 5 total users—$5 per month for each additional
  • White-label tools—$20 per month

Corporate Plan: Starting at $299 per Month

The corporate plan is the largest plan WebCEO offers. It’s the best fit for in-house SEO teams that need to manage multiple locations and sites for a large enterprise. To start, the plan offers 30 projects, 10 teammates, and 2,400 keywords per month.

The features of this plan include:

  • Daily manual audits and rank scans
  • 150,000 audited pages—5,000 per project
  • 180,000 analyzed backlinks—6,000 per project
  • 50 analyzed competitor keywords
  • 10 free domain analyses per day
  • 20 Google Business locations per project
  • 5 SEO leads per day
  • 10 total users

Final Thoughts

Most businesses with any sort of online presence prioritize SEO, and for good reason.

Software solutions like WebCEO can take SEO optimization to the next level, and WebCEO happens to be one of the most versatile suites of SEO tools we’ve seen for mid-tier businesses—though the value of the service will depend on your company’s goals.

For those looking to scale their operations and rank higher than their competition, the 23 tools provided here can give you a major leg up.

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