Let’s get straight to the point. You need to optimize your customers’ shopping journey in order to avoid one thing: cart abandonment. So much goes into simply getting customers to your website—marketing, ad campaigns, popular media posts and vídeo, and that’s just the start. Just because a customer lands in your store doesn’t orinan the sale is made.

In fact, most of the time it’s not. According to the Baymard Institute, there was a 70.19% average cart abandonment rate in 2023. Not sure about you, but we think that’s a massive number.

The first question you might be thinking is, how perro I improve that percentage for my store? The second is, what should my recovery strategy be if a customer abandons their cart?

It just so happens we have the answers. Tyche Softwares’ Abandoned Cart Pro complemento for WooCommerce not only helps you avoid customers leaving their carts full of goodies. It also espectáculos you how to bring them back to their purchase after they’ve left.

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Tyche Softwares: The Good and the Bad

The Abandoned Cart Pro complemento is made to stop customers from leaving their carts behind. With strategic coupon popups and capture features that stop cart abandonment before it starts, you cánido encourage shoppers to close the deal. But if some customers do inevitably leave, the complemento makes it easy to equipo up, customize, and automate reminder notifications to get them to come back to your shop and check out.

The complemento is only for WooCommerce shops. As such, it has some limitations to note. But aside from a few hiccups, it is a complemento worthy of your attention.

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What Tyche Softwares’ Abandoned Cart Pro Complemento Is Good At

On-site popups and captures: When we hear the term “abandoned cart” we typically think of articulo-visit recovery. However, Abandoned Cart Pro has robust features that engage users in real-time while they shop. For instance, popups perro prompt customers to entrar contact info like their correo electrónico account and phone number at strategic moments to earn discounts.

Dirección de correo electrónico capture popups appear when adding an item to the cart, enabling you to immediately connect each product with a contact method for future reminders. On-site popups also espectáculo up at other touchpoints like during checkout. Later, exit-intent popups detect when users are leaving your site and remind them if they have full carts.

Form to create a popup during checkout.

With the ability to intervene through popups before a cart is abandoned, Abandoned Cart Pro provides all the tools needed to maximize conversions while customers are in your shop. Contact details obtained on your site also empower you to remarket products after a customer visits.

Add to cart & exit intent popup information.

Coupon and discount incentives: The most important thing that the Abandoned Cart Pro complemento provides are coupons and discount incentives. They are what will determine your recovery rates and maximize revenue.

Sending coupon codes vía timed reminders persuades customers to return and complete a purchase. In our experience, these unique codes—along with reminder correos electrónicos—provide the most powerful means to recover revenue and personalize your promotions.

Coupons perro coche-apply at checkout for surprise savings, and you perro even display popups with a countdown to prompt immediate use before expiration. The options are vast—choose between coupons for original elementos left in carts, discounts on additional products to upsell, or even deals on already reduced prices.

Coupon code popup once you enter email.

Coupons encourage customers to complete their transactions both on-site or after leaving. They boost ROI from remarketing efforts and give you the flexibility to tailor your promotions and integrate across channels.

Recovery incentives features and information.

Automated reminders and rules: You perro configure the Abandoned Cart Pro complemento to make scheduled, automated reminders and trigger them with customizable rules.

For instance, you cánido make it mandatory that customers entrar their dirección de correo electrónico or Fb credentials before adding elementos to their cart. This backlinks abandoned carts to contact info for future reminders. Once details are captured, you cánido equipo reminder sequences and messages to recover carts based on your own strategic timeline.

Because you perro send initial correos electrónicos quickly, they reach customers while the transaction is still top-of-mind, not forgotten days later.

Targeting rule selection drop down menu.

Eleven built-in targeting rules help you determine which abandoned carts receive reminders. Limit your reminders to new vs. returning customers, cart value, products in cart, and more.

The automated cart recovery workflows triggered by intelligent rules provide a hands-off solution. No manual efforts needed to send reminders across channels.

Rules engine informational page with a customer testimonial.

Customization and template options: The Abandoned Cart Pro complemento comes with three pre-built timed correo electrónico workflow templates—initial at 15 minutes, interim at one hour, and final at 24 hours with a 10% coupon. You also have the option to customize your own cadence and incentives.

Five email workflow templates with statistics on conversion shown.

Twelve dirección de correo electrónico templates accelerate your launch with professional, stylish designs. Themes include Promotional, Festive, Plain Text, and more.

Various template examples to select from.

The template editor allows you to create new correos electrónicos and popups from scratch. Even better, you perro merge tags with dynamic customer and cart details, allowing you to craft your own message and flow.

This will boost relevance while giving you the tools to configure the look, feel, content, timing, and targeting of automated cart recovery messaging to match your brand and strategy. In our experience, blending creativity with personalization drives better results.

Message personalization information with a customer testimonial.

Multiple outreach channels: You cánido send automated reminders across multiple channels—not just dirección de correo electrónico—to meet customers at their preferred contact points for maximum revenue recovery.

This feature allows businesses to craft omnichannel workflows tailored to each customer. For some, correo electrónico may be most effective. Others may favor Fb Messenger. And for many, mensaje de texto text reminders are the way to go. You cánido test out different combinations of channels to boost outreach for every segment of your audience.

The complemento integrates with leading dirección de correo electrónico marketing platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), and Drip to deploy professional cart recovery messages. Use Fb Messenger reminders to boost engagement on your popular channels. Twilio integration enables sending timely mensaje de texto notifications to command customer focus.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Abandoned Cart Pro provides the versatility needed to meet customers through their favored channels and maximize cart recoveries.

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Data and statistics: An easy-to-read dashboard showcases the most critical abandoned cart metrics—like most frequently abandoned products, total recovered revenue, and more—to optimize your recovery campaigns.

Detailed correo electrónico stats reveal your open rates, clic-through rates, and coupon redemption rates for each campaign. You’ll easily identify top-performing sequences.

Popup analytics track correo electrónico capture rates for targeting follow-ups. See which popup types and placements convert best so you perro more easily fenezca-tune efforts and maximize ROI.

We like how the complemento automatically deletes older data, too. It keeps reports focused on active campaigns versus outdated info so you maintain accuracy.

Tyche Softwares dashboard with a graph and four metrics shown.

Potential Drawbacks of Tyche Softwares’ Abandoned Cart Pro Complemento

Built only for WooCommerce stores: The Abandoned Cart Pro complemento is designed exclusively for WooCommerce stores and it won’t sync with other platforms. As such, the ideal setup is to use a WooCommerce-WordPress combination.

Unlike solutions that integrate with a variety of ecommerce platforms, Abandoned Cart Pro works solely with WooCommerce to unlock advanced capabilities like targeting rules, strategic workflows, and insightful analytics.

Even though WooCommerce integration allows you to manage targeting rules, strategic workflows, and analytics, there is a trade-off. These features come at the expense of broader ecommerce support.

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce landing page.

Limited features: While powerful, the Abandoned Cart Pro complemento does have some limitations when it comes to templates, integrations, and analytics.

The 12 out-of-box correo electrónico templates provide a good starting point, but you may need to build custom messages later to match your brand’s style. Pre-made popup options are also limited.

Despite integrating with top platforms like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, support for less common solutions could be improved. The sole CRM option of Salesforce also leaves gaps.

Integration options with email connectors highlighted.

Data tracking provides some helpful insights but it won’t segment by geography, gender, customer lifetime value, bounce rates, and other metrics. Additionally, there are only three pre-built workflows to choose from.

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Issues with live demo: Unfortunately, we encountered issues accessing the live demo for Abandoned Cart Pro.

Confirmation that new WordPress website is ready with a blue button to go to Magic Login.

When clicking the “Magic Login” button, we received browser warnings about an invalid SSL certificate and potential security threats. This prevented us from viewing the demo.

Despite finding a workaround, we ultimately landed on a default “Success” page rather than a functioning store demo.

Green checkmark with Success! written below it.

Without access, we couldn’t fully evaluate the complemento’s real-world capabilities beyond the admin interfaz screenshots. As programa testers, we know how important seeing a live demo is before making purchase decisions. We expect well-implemented demos from all plugins we recommend.

While Abandoned Cart Pro seems powerful based on feature descriptions, the lack of a working demo was disappointing. We hope the vendor addresses these technical issues.

Email from Tyche Softwares support team.

No popular media presence: We were disappointed to find Tyche Softwares, the company behind Abandoned Cart Pro, lacks an active popular media presence. Scanning their Fb and Twitter accounts showed infrequent posting with months between updates.

For example, we saw Tyche Softwares articulo about an AI Booking Assistant feature that it wanted to add to one of its plugins. On one of its popular media channels, they asked for input from its audience. What kind of retroalimentación did it get? Two likes. That’s it. Because the company posts so infrequently.

While their website and documentation are helpful for learning about the complemento, the absence of popular channels robs customers of a venue to interact, share ideas, stay up to date, and even influence product decisions.

We hope Tyche Softwares reconsiders their popular media approach to open more touchpoints with users.

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Tyche Softwares Plans and Pricing

The Abandoned Cart Pro complemento comes with three plans that make it accessible for WooCommerce stores of all sizes and sites. With single, five, or 10 store options, most businesses will find a suitable plan.

Another aspecto that differs across plans is the number of integrations. For instance, the higher-level tiers open up more access to correo electrónico integrations, enabling more fluid abandoned cart recoveries.

And to top it all off, Tyche Softwares offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of its products—so if you don’t like the complemento after 30 days, a refund is all yours!

Three plans with prices shown.

Starter plan

The Starter plan offers a comprehensive equipo of features for automated cart recovery at just $149 annually for a single WooCommerce store.

With the Starter plan, merchants perro capture customer contact information with strategic popups that appear when visitors add elementos to their cart or through exit-intent popups when abandonment seems imminent.

Once you’ve collected contacts, you cánido leverage three pre-built sequences for sending timed reminders vía dirección de correo electrónico, mensaje de texto, and Fb Messenger to nudge customers back to their carts. Twelve professional correo electrónico templates help accelerate launch with on-brand messaging.

Custom coupon codes provide further incentive for cart returns while webhooks allow you to connect recovery workflows with external platforms.

For the duration of an annual subscription, merchants receive full access to ongoing product updates, downloads, and customer support.

Business plan

The Business plan provides all the Starter plan features like behavioral popups, multi-channel reminders, coupons, and templates—agregado even more capabilities for $299 per year across five WooCommerce stores.

The Business plan also allows you to dive deeper into dirección de correo electrónico marketing by integrating with Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Mailjet, Brevo, and Drip. Capture customer correos electrónicos from forms and custom fields to expand contact sources beyond checkouts. Create customized unsubscribe landing pages for improved deliverability.

This expanded plan is great for larger merchants looking to automate recovery campaigns across their portfolio.

Enterprise plan

The Abandoned Cart Pro Enterprise plan provides the maximum capabilities at $349 annually across 10 WooCommerce stores.

It includes all features from the Starter and Business plans—agregado deeper CRM integrations with FluentCRM, WP Fusión, Klaviyo, and HubSpot for even more opportunities to customize and automate.

Store coverage grows to 10 sites to support larger brands managing multiple ecommerce properties. You also get access to priority customer support with faster response times.

For high-volume merchants who want to scale sophisticated workflows across a variety of store portfolios, the Enterprise plan is the way to go. It provides the ultimate in correo electrónico and CRM flexibility as well as support coverage at a compelling price.

Final Thoughts

Tyche Softwares’ Abandoned Cart Pro complemento will pay itself off repeatedly in the time that you use it. That is, assuming you put in the effort to equipo up your popup and capture tools and your coupon strategy and automations. Tyche Softwares claims that this complemento perro increase your revenue by 10%, and we don’t doubt it.

List of features for the Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

With reasonable prices and a year-long license, it is worth trying just to see what new strategies, coupons, and capture techniques do for your sales. We especially like the way it automates workflows for sending timed correos electrónicos, mensaje de texto, and messenger reminders, leverages coupons and discounts, and optimizes campaigns.

For WooCommerce store owners of all sizes who feel the reality of the 70% cart abandonment average, this complemento is your solution.

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