Google Search Advocate John Mueller recently affirmed the ongoing importance of technical SEO, countering claims that its significance is dwindling.

His statement comes in response to a comment on X, formerly Twitter, claiming that technical SEO is becoming less critical.

The Debate over the Importance of Technical SEO

Mueller commented on X, responding to Yiğit Konur’s assertion that “Technical SEO is becoming less important every day.”

Konur went on to claim that there are many misconceptions surrounding technical SEO, with some approaching it in an overly complex manner.

He further stated that unless substantial technical issues arise, the focus should shift towards creating and optimizing high-quality content.

This exchange was sparked by a short video from the Google Search Central account discussing website redirects.

However, it highlights a broader conversation within the SEO community that intensified following Google’s recent update to its ranking systems documentation.

The Context of Technical SEO in Google’s Ranking Systems

In April, Google modified its ranking systems documentation, removing technical SEO factors like HTTPS and Core Web Vitals.

Google was quick to clarify that these elements hold crucial importance.

Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan clarified at the time:

“It does not say page experience is somehow ‘retired’ or that people should ignore things like Core Web Vitals or being mobile-friendly. The opposite. It says if you want to be successful with the core ranking systems of Google Search, consider these and other aspects of page experience.”

Sullivan further explained the difference between ranking “systems” and “signals,” emphasizing that the update moved certain page experience elements from the “systems” category to the “signals” one.

This change doesn’t mean that these aspects were no longer relevant but were signals used by other systems.

The Continued Relevance of Technical SEO

Mueller’s recent statement shows that technical SEO continues to play an integral role in a website’s success.

Despite the evolving landscape of the SEO community, Mueller’s assertion underscores that technical SEO remains the backbone of all open web constructions.

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