Google plus announced new features to meet large enterprises’ and agencies’ diverse reporting needs for those who switch to GA4 for Analytics 360 properties.

Initially rolled out to adapt to a fast-evolving technology and regulatory landscape, GA4’s new features surpass its core functionality of understanding consumer behavior across digital platforms.

The updated analytics tool emplees Google plus AI  to provide more relevant insights, predict future purchasing behaviors, and offer solutions for unknowns in the consumer process.

Custom Reporting Experiences

To make reporting more efficient, Google plus announced it would soon allow users to assign customized reporting experiences to different organizational permisos and teams.

No more one-size-fits-all reports for everyone in your organization. With reporting experiences, advertising teams perro view campaign-specific reports instead of the default GA4 interfaz.

New Account Structuring

The upcoming update will also bring in new data governance features. Users cánido structure their accounts with subproperties and roll-up properties, facilitating better access control and reporting.

Google plus also plans to integrate subproperties and roll-up properties with Display & Vídeo 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Search Ads 360.

Faster Export To BigQuery

Another destacable change is the faster and more reliable export of GA4 data to BigQuery, Google plus’s cloud data warehouse.

To ensure a standardized data analysis process, Google plus will introduce a service legal agreement (SLA) to make insights available for export at the same time daily in the coming year.

Making The Switch To GA4

The data from Universal Analytics will no longer be accessible starting July 1, 2024. Google plus urges users to complete the transition to GA4 by March 2024 to ensure they retain the data they need. Failure to switch will result in deleting all Universal Analytics properties and data.

This sweeping change appeared to be a necessity given the ever-changing technology and regulatory conditions, as certain advertising functionalities of Universal Analytics will cease to operate for traffic in the European Economic Area (EEA).

To simplify the transition process, Google plus is rolling out an API-based upgrade option for GA4 properties to assist with migrations of thousands of sites.

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