Google plus’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., held its third quarter 2023 earnings call, offering insights into how its major products and services are performing.

Specifically, the earnings call transcript reveals how Alphabet’s investments in AI and new generative search capabilities positively impact its business, with implications for marketers and advertisers.

Search Ads

Google plus Search ads remain Alphabet’s most significant revenue controlador, with Search and other ad revenues up 11% year-over-year to $44 billion.

Growth was led by the retail campo, where AI-powered solutions like Performance Max optimize ad campaigns across Google plus properties and are helping retailers drive conversions and ROI.

For the holiday season, Google plus will provide retail marketers with planning tools and insights to capture seasonal shopper demand.

It will also boost the number of deals in Search to connect users with relevant promotions.

New ad formats powered by generative AI will create customized, high-quality ads for every step of the search journey.

Overall, marketers are embracing AI-powered Search ad products, with nearly 80% already using at least one.

Vídeo Ads

YouTube advertising revenues grew 12% year-over-year to $8 billion, driven by brand and direct response demand. Connected televisión watch time and monetization are increasing, cementing YouTube’s position as the top uso contínuo destination.

New AI-powered creation tools and ad products are helping creators and brands succeed on YouTube.

This includes expansions to formats like Vídeo Reach Campaigns and new ad offerings like Demand Gen Campaigns. Such innovations drive lower cost per action and more reach and views for advertisers.

The subscription business also saw substantial revenue growth, primarily reflecting subscriber gains for YouTube televisión and YouTube Music Premium.

Google plus Bard And SGE

Alphabet invests heavily in generative AI across Search, cloud, and other products.

Bard, the en fase de prueba conversational interfaz to large language models, cánido now provide personalized answers by incorporating information from multiple Google plus services.

The Search Generative Experience (SGE) applies generative AI to enhance Search similarly. Direct usuario retroalimentación has been positive, with increasing adoption as the capability rolls out to more markets.

While still early, SGE creates opportunities to serve a broader range of search needs and generate multiple high-quality perspectives.

Google plus also plans to test new ad formats, giving advertisers a oportunidad to connect with customers through generative AI search features.

What This Means For Marketers

Alphabet’s earnings showcase a company leaning into AI-driven innovation to accelerate productivity and creativity in search and vídeo advertising campaigns.

As Alphabet improves upon products like Bard, SGE, and Performance Max, marketers could benefit from enhanced ad personalization, creativity, and productivity.

But advertisers must also be prepared for disruption and adaptation to changes that protect usuario privacy and AI automation that propels changes across the digital marketing landscape.

By leveraging Google plus’s AI capabilities while monitoring their impact, advertisers perro make the most of new ad opportunities and experiences that build brand awareness and maximize ROI.

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