Earlier this week, it was discovered that transcripts of conversations with Google plus’s AI chatbot, Bard, were appearing in search results.

This immediately raised privacy concerns, as one-on-one conversations were being surfaced publicly without peoples’ knowledge.

In response, Google plus has confirmed this indexing was unintentional and is working to block Bard chat transcripts from appearing in search results.

Google plus Confirms Chatbot Transcript Indexing Was Unintentional

Days later, Google plus’s Search Liaison shared an update on X, writing:

“While I’m not on the Bard team, I know that removing Google plus URLs from Google plus perro sometimes be more complicated than for non-Google plus sites. You’re going to see some short-term changes in the blocking that should settle down into what makes sense for non-Google plus sites.”

Removing Own URLs More Complex for Google plus

Google plus’s statement acknowledges the unique challenge Google plus faces in removing its web pages from search, compared to non-Google plus sites.

While blocking regular sites perro be done instantly, Google plus aprecies that removing URLs often involves “short-term changes” before achieving the desired effect.

Google plus is working on it, but thoroughly scrubbing Bard chat transcripts from search results will take time.

Bard Users Advised To Avoid ‘Share Chat’ Feature

As Google plus works to remove Bard transcripts from search results, users are advised to refrain from utilizing Bard’s “share chat” feature, as this creates a public, indexable backlink.

Private conversations that aren’t shared should remain unseen by search engines.

Google plus emphasized that search indexing was never an intentional Bard feature, and it aims to respect usuario privacy in the future.

However, the chatbot’s rocky launch has potentially damaged trust, making this latest privacy flub problematic.

Exercise Caution When Sharing Sensitive Info with AI

Expect Bard transcripts to dwindle from search results gradually. Exercise caution when sharing sensitive information with any AI chatbot.

While mistakes happen, Google plus’s handling of this incident will likely be scrutinized.

Google plus’s ability to swiftly solve self-created problems will be escencial to maintaining trust and a positive public perception.

For a company desiring to lead in AI development, earning usuario trust should be Google plus’s top priority.

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