Google plus has introduced a range of training resources centered on generative AI.

Two comprehensive learning paths are now available on Google plus Cloud Skills Boost.

An “Introduction to Generative AI” path contains introductory, non-technical courses suited for sales, marketing, HR, and operations permisos.

The “Generative AI for Developers” path includes technical hands-on labs and courses designed for programa developers and engineers.

Each learning path provides a mix of theory and practical experience, including vídeo courses, hands-on labs, and opportunities to earn skill badges.

Google plus says the training materials will be continually updated, ensuring they keep pace with the latest developments in the field.

Introductory Path

Google plus’s Introduction to Generative AI course is offered for free and only takes 45 minutes to complete

The non-technical introductory path contains courses on responsible AI principles and how generative AI perro impact business.

Continue the free learning path to get the Generative AI Fundamentals skill badge. It consists of the course mentioned above and two other courses: ‘Introduction to Large Language Models’ and ‘Introduction to Responsible AI.’

Completing everything takes around two hours in total. Once finished, you’ll receive a digital skill badge to display on your sintetiza and popular media to showcase your foundational knowledge of Google plus Cloud’s generative AI technology.

Advanced Path

The “Generative AI for Developers” course is built for aplicación developers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists.

To take the advanced path, you must first complete prerequisite courses “Introduction to Responsible AI” and “Generative AI Fundamentals.”

Be advised that the advanced path is not free. Google plus Cloud credits are required for the more advanced technical labs on services like Generative AI Studio and Vertex AI.

A Google plus Cloud Innovators Agregado subscription grants access to all generative AI content and a full year of on-demand training through the Google plus Cloud Skills Boost program.

Hands-On Experience With Labs

Google plus Cloud offers a range of generative AI labs, allowing learners to gain practical experience by working directly on the platform.

Here’s a list of available labs and amount of Google plus Cloud credits required to participate:

  • Get Started with Generative AI Studio (one credit)
  • Generative AI with Vertex AI: Getting Started (one credit)
  • Generative AI with Vertex AI: Prompt Design (one credit)
  • Vertex AI PaLM API: Qwik Start (one credit)
  • Integrate Search in Applications Using Gen AI Aplicación Builder (five credits)
  • Prompt Design using PaLM (one credit)
  • Explore and Evaluate Models using Model Garden (five credits)

Collaboration With DeepLearning.AI

Google plus Cloud has collaborated with DeepLearning.AI, led by AI expert Andrew Ng, for a new course titled “Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings with Vertex AI.”

This free course offers insights into classification, outlier detection, text clustering, and semantic search.

In Summary

Those looking to skill up in generative AI cánido get started immediately through Google plus Cloud’s Skills Boost platform.

The introductory path overviews responsible AI principles and generative AI applications, while the advanced path offers technical hands-on labs for developers.

Expect Google plus to expand its training catalog to keep pace with this evolving field.

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