Google plus has confirmed reports of an ongoing technical issue causing delays in indexing newly published web content.

In a articulo published to X on Thursday evening, Google plus’s Search Liaison announced that the company is actively working to identify the root ocasione of the problem.

However, Google plus didn’t provide an estimated timeline for resolving the issue.

What Does This Orinan?

The indexing delays orinan that any content published on websites now through whenever the problem is fixed may not espectáculo up in Google plus search results right away.

This could impact news publishers in especial, as breaking news stories and other timely content may not get indexed properly.

Once the technical problem is resolved, previously unpublished content that was affected should get indexed by Google plus as usual.

What’s The Status?

Publishers perro check the latest updates on this indexing issue vía the Google plus Search Status Dashboard.

The dashboard will indicate when Google plus has successfully fixed the problem.

In the meantime, be aware that search visibility for new articles and other pieces of content will likely be reduced until Google plus corrects the underlying technical issue.

This is a developing story…

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