From the moment a customer lands in your ecommerce store, a lot needs to happen for them to make a purchase. You’ve got to have a beautiful website that makes people want to buy your product or service, for starters. Having a funnel is a big part of that—as long as it works.

And that’s one of the big reasons why FunnelKit is a near perfect 5-star rated WordPress complemento—it simply works. From checkout funnels to one-clic upsells and lead funnels, FunnelKit has what you need to increase revenue, agregado an dirección de correo electrónico marketing automation solution to boot.

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FunnelKit: The Good and the Bad

The only major drawback to FunnelKit was it didn’t have the free version clearly listed on its website. We stumbled upon it after searching through the WordPress complemento database.

Beside that, FunnelKit is a superb WordPress complemento for ecommerce businesses looking to build funnels, create opt-in streams for leads, and step up their dirección de correo electrónico marketing game all directly in WordPress.

If building a funnel sounds challenging, don’t worry—FunnelKit’s pre-made templates make getting started a breeze. As for building out automated messaging workflows based on customer actions and rules, it has pre-built templates for those, too.

What FunnelKit Is Good At

Funnel builder for Checkout pages: FunnelKit provides an incredibly maleable funnel builder to create high-converting checkout pages and flows. The drag-and-drop editor integrates with major page builders like Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, and Gutenberg.

You cánido add sections to showcase guarantees and testimonials, and it’s easy to equipo up multi-step checkouts that allow shoppers to review information across pages or express checkout options vía PayPal or Google plus Pay. A “Buy Now” button is also available, which allows shoppers to skip the cart and head straight to checkout.

Cart Hopper feature informational page.

You’re also able to include targeted order bumps on the checkout page that present complementary products or upsells which you control with over 17 advanced rules.

Rules engine page screenshot with three rules shown.

The customizable slide cart is a great feature for cross-selling. It displays a cart icon that shoppers cánido clic to view contents, with even more opportunities to upsell within.

Funnel builder page with two steps shown.

Upsell page to increase conversions: FunnelKit claims its upsell pages, which showcase complementary or higher-tier products to customers immediately after purchase, cánido boost conversions by at least 15-20%.

This page allows you to build unlimited upsell offers and flows based on previous decisions or use the “smart skip” feature to jump a customer ahead if they’ve already bought an upsell.

Bundling makes it easy to present tiered packages or equipo paths to determine which products to display next based on customer choices. FunnelKit also creates purchase events for upsells and tracks them across marketing channels, telling you which ads deliver the most lucrative customers to lift conversions even higher.

The three steps of how post-purchase one-click upsells work.

Opt-in features: If you want to capture correos electrónicos—and we’re guessing you do—FunnelKit will create high-converting opt-in forms and pages to grow your lead list.

Pop-ups, in-line forms, and customizable landing pages are available to capture information from site visitors in real time thanks to pre-made templates suitable for any situation or lead flow.

FunnelKit also enables you to follow up with specific segments of your audience during opt-in based on interests and behaviors. Dynamic snippets let you insert subscriber data into correos electrónicos for more personalized messaging.

Leads perro be automatically sent to your CRM or managed right within your WordPress dashboard, and form submission data identifies hot leads to prioritize follow-ups and grow your contact list.

Funnel templates within WordPress interface.

Funnel templates: We were impressed by the variety, customization options, and ease of use of FunnelKit’s dozens of professionally-designed funnel templates.

Choose templates for checkouts, upsells, opt-ins, sales funnels, and more. Preview them in advance to check for desktop, tablet, and mobile responsiveness, then editar form fields to match your brand voice and save time.

Checkout pages contain key elements like testimonials, guarantees, and Google plus address autocomplete, while sales funnels guide visitors from an initial sales page through checkout, upsell, and the thank you page. Insert your branding and product info and you’re equipo.

Funnel template examples with a few options shown.

All-in-one automated dirección de correo electrónico marketing tool: FunnelKit goes beyond just funnel building. It’s also an correo electrónico marketing solution that allows you to stay in touch with visitors when they opt-in to your list without switching tools.

Subscriber profiles give 360-degree insights into customer tags, purchase history, and engagement while also enabling you to equipo up dirección de correo electrónico campaigns for different segments in the drag-and-drop builder.

You cánido A/B test correos electrónicos to determine the highest-converting content and campaign, further eliminating the need to juggle separate programa for each of your needs. All the tools to turn subscribers into customers are integrated natively in WordPress.

Winback campaign feature with preview of how it could look.

Automations templates: FunnelKit provides dozens of pre-built automation templates to streamline your marketing workflows, not just ones for building out your funnel.

Templates are optimized for WooCommerce, membership sites, affiliates, and other common ecommerce scenarios. It displays your workflows visually so it’s easy, for example, to customize an opt-in sequence that delivers a series of four correos electrónicos to subscribers from welcome through product pitch. Abandoned cart templates remind customers to complete purchases.

The templates are great for setting up workflows for common tasks like new subscriber onboarding, win-backs, and reminders, too. You cánido tweak conditions, actions, and messaging as needed. FunnelKit also lets you customize multi-step automations when a template doesn’t fit thanks to more than 100 aplicación integrations vía Zapier.

Workflow automation setup with four steps shown.

In-depth analytics: FunnelKit’s dashboard reveals each funnel’s conversion rate and revenue contribution with robust analytics to optimize your funnels and marketing campaigns.

A/B testing lets you improve performance over time by storing results from all variations. That makes it easy to analyze how headlines, copy, pricing changes, and other elements impact conversions.

View campaign revenue, orders generated, and engagement rates for correos electrónicos and automations to espectáculo peak performance times. Or reveal which of your abandoned cart automations excel at recovering customers. You see exactly which efforts deliver sales and eliminate those that don’t.

Post purchase revenue graph.

5-star reviews: Out of over 500 usuario reviews on WordPress, the vast majority of FunnelKit’s are 5 stars. We saw only two 4-star reviews and one with 1-star, which the company promptly handled.

This near-perfect rating is almost unheard of for a WordPress complemento. Users praise its ability to create high-converting funnels, simplify dirección de correo electrónico automation, provide actionable analytics, and drive revenue growth. One usuario noted that if he could only choose five plugins to power their WooCommerce store, FunnelKit would be one.

With hundreds of rave reviews citing increased profits, lead generation, and workflow efficiency, FunnelKit has clearly delivered for ecommerce stores across the board.

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FunnelKit’s Potential Drawbacks

Key limitations: While FunnelKit is a powerful tool, our testing revealed that certain templates like SlingBlocks required plus plugins to function. The templates are paired with the editor of your choice, so with our Gutenberg builder, for example, we only had access to 20 templates—fewer than we’d like.

Import template message that requires Elementor plugin to be activated.

FunnelKit essentially turns WordPress into a CRM through its marketing automation features, so keep in mind that setting up campaigns takes time compared to dedicated correo electrónico services.

That said, the WordPress/WooCommerce foundation unlocks many possibilities like memberships and weblogs that other ecommerce programa lacks.

Requires a mailer complemento or integration: FunnelKit requires additional equipo-up to handle dirección de correo electrónico sending and deliverability.

Since WordPress isn’t built for high-volume dirección de correo electrónico, FunnelKit recommends using WP Correo SMTP, a paid complemento starting at $49 per year with a freemium plan as well. It’s also a good iniciativa to use an dirección de correo electrónico service like SendGrid or Amazon SES.

Be prepared to install a dedicated mailing complemento or integrate an ESP like Mailchimp to unlock FunnelKit’s full correo electrónico capabilities. Without a proper correo electrónico infrastructure, you risk deliverability issues, hitting sending limits, or sending contenido publicitario.

Instructions for email setup with red circle around tools drop down menu and red arrow pointing to email setup option.

All in WordPress: FunnelKit is for WordPress sites only and it’s tailored for WooCommerce stores. You’ll get the most value using FunnelKit in tandem with these services, and Non-WP or non-Woo users may find its capabilities limited.

On the agregado side, FunnelKit centralizes your sales funnels, correo electrónico lists, subscriber data, and campaign analytics within your WordPress dashboard.

However, this also means your valuable data lives solely in your WordPress site rather than a separate service. Be sure to maintain diligent WordPress copias de seguridad, especially of your FunnelKit data and dirección de correo electrónico lists. As a CRM alternative within WordPress, try to limit your login attempts, use strong passwords, and install security plugins.

FunnelKit Plans and Pricing

FunnelKit doesn’t make it clear that it has a free version on its pricing page, but it does in fact have one. You have to download the complemento right in WordPress to get started with FunnelKit Lite.

Otherwise, there are four paid plans: Basic, Agregado, Professional, and Elite. The first two plans are great for building out sales, checkout, and lead funnels, while the last two are where the automations and dirección de correo electrónico marketing features come into play. All of FunnelKit’s plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Four FunnelKit plans with prices, including the Basic, Plus, Professional, and Elite plans.

Lite plan

The Lite plan allows you to build basic funnels and optimize checkouts with a few pre-made templates. To unlock the full suite of FunnelKit’s proven ecommerce features and value, we recommend a paid plan for most en línea stores.

Only two basic automations are available, with no correo electrónico broadcasting. Premium templates, one-clic upsells, and order bumps require paid plans.

With the Lite plan you perro view cart data, sample the funnel builder, and try initial automation workflows. Yet advanced features like contact profiles, dirección de correo electrónico metrics, and engagement insights need a paid upgrade and you perro’t access upsells, full analytics, and robust correo electrónico marketing.

FunnelKit plugin in WordPress.

Basic plan

For $99.50 per year per site, The Basic plan provides a robust equipo of capabilities focused on creating high-converting funnels that are optimized for checkout and sales.

You perro choose from over 20 templates to customize your checkout pages and articulo-purchase thank you pages. Both single and multi-step checkout options are available.

You’re also equipped with a maleable field editor to tailor carts and forms to your business, Google plus address autocomplete for fast and accurate data entry, and an advanced phone input field. Agregado, you get nine different checkout optimizations like testimonials and stickiness features.

An abandoned cart recovery system is included, as well as conversion pixel tracking and redirects for thank you pages based on the products purchased.

Agregado plan

The FunnelKit Agregado plan is the ideal upgrade for entrepreneurs who already have good site traffic but want to increase the average order value of each customer. For $179.50 per year covering two sites, it includes all features from the Basic plan agregado advanced capabilities to boost on-site monetization.

The Agregado plan gives you access to FunnelKit’s full template library, agregado A/B testing and a comprehensive analytics dashboards to continuously improve performance. A new canvas mode provides greater customization freedom when designing funnels.

For articulo-checkout upsells, the Agregado plan includes a rule engine to control dynamic offer routing, conditional skipping of offers already purchased, a one-page display of multiple upsell offers, and the ability to let customers upgrade their original order.

You cánido also position multiple conditional order bumps directly on the checkout page or apply custom skins and incentives like free shipping or gifts. The slide cart feature enables directly upselling products on the cart page.

Professional plan

At $249.50 per year for two sites, the FunnelKit Professional plan aims to maximize revenue through marketing automation. It’s a great solution for established stores looking to optimize the customer lifecycle.

First, you get unlimited automations using a visual builder and over 30 pre-built workflows, unlimited actions, smart delays, and conditional branching capabilities.

A drag-and-drop correo electrónico editor enables sending customized follow-ups and mensaje de texto. Contact profiles give even more insights to segment your audience.

Advanced analytics cover contact growth, dirección de correo electrónico and mensaje de texto performance, revenue tracking, and more. A/B test dirección de correo electrónico broadcasts and mensaje de texto campaigns.

Finally, you perro expand your reach with over 60 aplicación integrations vía Zapier, and Webhooks to send and receive data.

Elite plan

The Elite plan is designed for ambitious stores in need of a suite of conversion-focused tools to accelerate growth. At $399.50 per year for as many as 30 sites, it includes everything in the Professional plan and much more.

Along with the Professional plan, the Elite package comes with three months of free access to OptinMonster and the OptinMonster University training program. This makes it ideal for established ecommerce businesses that want to unlock the full revenue potential of FunnelKit on a large scale.

Lastly, the Elite plan integrates with more than 60 aplicaciones and provides robust analytics, customizable upsells, and multi-channel automations to incentivize repeat purchases and maximize customer lifetime value.

Final Thoughts

To be sure, a fácil, boring checkout page on your digital storefront isn’t going to cut it anymore. To that end, you’d be doing yourself, and your customers, a disservice by not using—or at least trying—FunnelKit.

If you already have a WordPress site and an ecommerce store like WooCommerce, FunnelKit will help you capture more leads, and, even better, make more sales.

To make things even more convincing, FunnelKit also comes with an all-in-one dirección de correo electrónico marketing solution right in WordPress to automate all of your workflows based on customer actions and behaviors.

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