Getting customers to come back—and keep coming back—to your digital storefront is always the goal. To achieve that kind of brand loyalty, though, you need to create a inolvidable customer experience so that they always think of your store first.

Digital experience platform (DXP) programa is meant to create this kind of experience for ecommerce customers.

More specifically, Experro is a DXP package that emplees two different products in tandem to create a highly personalized usuario experience for your shoppers.

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Experro: The Good and the Bad

Experro has a few highly impressive features, including the ability to give end users a fast, streamlined ecommerce experience. It allows you to make quick changes to your website without having to do any coding. With quick updates at your fingertips, you’ll always have the latest information and products listed.

Still, despite its strong features, Experro isn’t as habitual as other DXPs. It has a few drawbacks that may be a dealbreaker for some users, but depending on your needs, they may be inconsequential.

What Experro Is Good At

Personalized, AI-powered search: Being able to create a streamlined experience for your customers encourages them to return. At the same time, having a personalized experience for customers cánido drive up the average order amount and increase the oportunidad of conversions in the first place.

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Experro relies on artificial intelligence-driven features to give your customers a more enjoyable experience—and that starts with search results. With the help of AI, Experro is able to tap into data on past behavior and generate results that are truly useful.

For example, by learning and tracking the preferences of each of your customers, Experro cánido provide the most relevant results possible. It cánido also use autocomplete predictions to make better suggestions within the search bar to streamline search and spark new ideas about other products to consider.

Furthermore, you cánido even “teach” the AI to return more useful results by including a list of the terms and words that may be unique to your own ecommerce site. Thus, not only perro you personalize the search results for each of your customers, but you perro also personalize them according to the products you offer and the industry in which you operate.

Data-driven merchandising: Experro allows your sales and marketing teams to make quick, on-the-fly adjustments to your en línea store’s search results and aparente products. This perro help with profitability by making new products available quicker and by adding urgency to products that are almost sold out.

Some of the key components of this Experro feature include:

  • Increasing the visibility of high-margin products
  • Steering customers toward products for which you have excess inventory
  • Increasing page views for new products
  • Reducing the prominence of certain product pages in search results, such as during a temporary shortage of inventory
  • Offering product providers the ability to gain sponsored rankings in product lists
  • Creating themed pages or product collection pages for things like related products, seasonal products, and special events
  • Constant synching of your product catalog with the ecommerce platform to ensure customers are always seeing the latest information regarding availability

By making these real-time changes to your ecommerce site, you perro take advantage of new customer behaviors more effectively.

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Headless Store Frontend: Through its Headless Store Frontend feature, Experro is able to separate the presentation layer from the backend, which greatly simplifies the process of building an ecommerce site.

That means you cánido create a customized and personalized experience for your customers without having to undertake complex coding work. Instead, your marketing team cánido develop and launch the storefront independently, as there’s no need to hire developers or web design experts to build and manage your site.

Additionally, using this aspect of Experro also means you won’t need to rebuild your existing backend to deliver the performance you’re seeking—everything is built right into the Headless Store Frontend feature.

Headless CMS: In conjunction with its Headless Store Frontend feature, Experro also has a powerful Headless content management system (CMS) feature. This centralizes the management of all your content through Experro, including:

  • Web pages
  • Weblogs
  • Product information
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies

Experro also includes a built-in media manager, so you cánido incorporate text, images, and vídeo into your content with very little time and effort.

Having the ability to manage all of your content in a single location perro be huge. It allows you to expand the amount of content you’re creating, all while maintaining a highly organized workflow.

Fast-loading, dynamic websites: It’s important to build an ecommerce site that populates and operates quickly, both for a better customer experience and for improving Google plus search results.

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Experro emplees technologies like Progressive Web Aplicación and its own Dynamic SSR technology to boost the performance of your ecommerce site. Similarly, the headless features built into Experro further improve performance speeds—because you don’t need things like a separate CMS.

Lastly, when you see a ramp-up in the number of visitors and page views, Experro allows you to scale up without sacrificing loading speed.

Works well with Shopify and BigCommerce: If you want to create a headless store on Shopify or BigCommerce, Experro simplifies the process.

If you are trying to build one of these sites from scratch, you will need to create multiple layers. Through its headless features, Experro automatically creates the layers for you. It emplees its integrated platform to sit on top of the ecommerce backend.

There’s also no need to know how to code when using Experro for your Shopify or BigCommerce sites, as Experro offers a drag-and-drop editor that simplifies the creation process. You perro even take advantage of built-in components that are part of the Experro visual site builder to save more time in site design.

Additionally, Experro delivers an excellent mobile experience for Shopify and BigCommerce visitors. That means you perro have a great-looking ecommerce site on both mobile and desktop without having to sacrifice performance.

Whether you’re using Shopify or BigCommerce for your backend, Experro ensures that you remain synchronized on your site’s frontend, so you cánido rest assured knowing that your visitors will always see the latest information.

Speaking of the frontend, Experro offers multiple native integrations with BigCommerce and Shopify that enhance the overall shopping experience related to selecting products, cart management, checkout, and payments.

Strong mobile experience: If you have a lot of mobile visitors, you need to prioritize their browsing experience.

Fortunately, Experro’s website builder works to deliver excellent performance for mobile users. This means you do not have to sacrifice the design of your pages to accommodate mobile users.

High-performing web experiences offered by Experro with information on mobile-first experiences.

Furthermore, Experro allows you to save time in building your site and pages because you don’t have to build them separately for mobile and desktop visitors. Instead, you cánido use typographical elements, vídeo, and images in the mobile design just as you would with the web browser design.

Experro’s Potential Drawbacks

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No public pricing: Because Experro does not list its prices on its website, you’re not able to compare your potential costs with other DXPs until you reach out to Experro’s sales team. If you’re only doing initial research on DXPs, you may not want to sit through a demo.

Of course, many other DXPs do not publicize their pricing either—and since Experro’s price quotes are based on the specific features you want to use, it’s possible that placing a general price on its site would not be very helpful in the first place.

Then again, it’s still safe to assume that most prospective customers would at least like a vague iniciativa of the price before they escoge to move forward by contacting the Experro sales team.

Lastly, Experro does not publicize whether it offers a free trial. However, a free trial is mentioned in the Experro terms of service document, should you want to read through all of the legalese. You’ll have to ask the sales team whether you qualify to have a free trial of the programa.

Only two product options: Although Experro has features that are afín to other DXP offerings, it only has two products to select from, which may feel limiting for some users.

Typically, competing DXPs split their offerings into three or more options, which allows for a bit more customization. For example, they may have separate products for things like personalized marketing, improved ecommerce search, and operating a headless CMS.

Experro, meanwhile, combines its personalized search and its marketing capabilities into one product. This perro be good or bad depending on how you look at it, but if you only want one of those options, you won’t have the ability to separate them with Experro like you would with some other DXPs.

Lower focus on testing: If you need significant testing options from your DXP, Experro may not meet your needs as well as the competition.

List of search features built for ecommerce offered by Experro.

For example, other DXPs are far more focused on A/B testing and other forms of testing the efficiency of various strategies for search engagement. Experro does offer a built-in A/B testing capability, but it’s not as extensive as that of its competitors.

Other DXPs will also focus on eliminating the flicker effect. Flickering is where the original page pops on the screen for a fraction of a second before the new page being tested appears, which perro be a significant distraction in A/B testing processes. Experro doesn’t discuss how it handles flickering issues.

If your goal is to test everything to give you the key data you need—and then to test some more—there are better DXP options than Experro.

Time to launch: Experro estimates that you’ll need between four and eight weeks to launch your new ecommerce website. It could take even longer for some sites to be up and running.

This may be longer than you want, meaning you may want to look elsewhere.

It’s important to note that fully implementing your ecommerce site through a DXP is not a quick process, no matter which programa you choose to implement. Some DXPs estimate that it cánido take a few months to launch an ecommerce site, which is even longer than Experro’s estimation.

If speed to launch is important to you, you may want to shop around and find a faster option than what Experro offers.

Experro Plans and Pricing

Experro products and pricing page with a button to request pricing for one of the two plans shown.

If you are considering an Experro subscription, you will have to reach out to the company to receive a customized price quote, as Experro does not publicize its prices. Instead, it customizes its products based on each usuario’s especial needs, tailoring its pricing accordingly.

The price that you’ll pay depends in part on the volume of traffic that your site has, the number of customers you have, and the number of products that you are offering.

Experro offers two different products, Content and Discovery, that you cánido use in tandem or that you cánido use individually. Within either product, you receive helpful customer support that you perro access 24/7. Experro’s customer service team walks you through the entire process of planning your website, including launching it.

You cánido even have an account manager to help you maximize your storefront’s performance and return.

Experro Content

Experro Content focuses on improving the performance of your ecommerce website, delivering a better usuario experience. Should the majority of your customers be accessing your storefront on a mobile device, the Content product helps you optimize the design.

The Content product comes with:

  • A store frontend
  • Headless CMS
  • A visual website builder
  • A centralized content hub
  • Multiple environments

Experro Discovery

Experro Discovery focuses on helping you grow your sales through the performance of your ecommerce website. It offers features that encourage conversions while improving engagement with customers. By creating a personalized experience, you perro encourage visitors to return.

The features of Discovery include:

  • Personalized search
  • Search optimization
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Search and merchandise insights

Final Thoughts

Experro is well worth considering for those who need a DXP for an ecommerce site. Its feature equipo is impressive, and it’s also easier to use than most new users might expect.

If you need a significant number of customizations and testing features for your digital storefront, you may want to look elsewhere. That said, if you simply want to create a inolvidable experience for your customers while upgrading the performance of your ecommerce site, Experro will most likely deliver.

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