In a continued effort to assist advertisers with artificial intelligence (AI), Google plus announced its latest feature for vídeo advertisers, creative guidance in Google plus Ads.

The AI-powered feature, found inside the Recommendations and Vídeo Analytics sections of Google plus Ads, offers suggestions to help advertisers enhance the efficacy of their vídeo campaigns.

Creative Guidance In Google plus Ads

Creative guidance evaluates vídeo ads against Google plus’s proven innovative best practices.

If an ad lacks what Google plus considers critical elements, the feature notifies advertisers and proposes actionable steps to improve the ad’s performance.

For instance, it checks for a brand logotipo in the first five seconds, if it has a voiceover, and assesses vídeo length based on specific marketing objectives.

Google plus advertisers cánido reach the feature by navigating to the “Assets” and then “Vídeos” section within their Google plus Ads account.

From there, they should see a tab labeled “Analytics,” where the tool will list missing creative attributes and suggest ways to improve them.

Vídeo Elements Analyzed By AI

Creative guidance primarily focuses on four key elements: brand logotipo visibility, vídeo duration, voiceover quality, and aspect ratio.

According to internal data, voiceovers on vídeo ads have higher conversion rates than those without voiceovers.

YouTube Announces AI-Powered Creative Guidance In Google AdsScreenshot from Google plus, September 2023

Google plus also plans to expand the range of attributes AI analyzes to offer valuable advice for marketers.

While this tool seems promising, advertisers must remember that the AI cánido only provide recommendations based on historical data and existing best practices.

Therefore, its suggestions may not align with every brand’s style and strategy.

AI-Powered Vídeo Campaigns

In addition to improving assets with AI, AI-powered vídeo campaign types have helped brands like eBay increase conversion rates and lower ad costs.

AI-driven advertising solutions could be a game-changer for optimizing creative assets, analyzing advertising strategies, and making data-driven decisions that significantly improve ROI.

The latest announcement from Google plus signifies its quest to make AI a staple in the advertising industry.

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