Microsoft Advertising and Snap have announced a pivotal partnership that positions both tech giants at the vanguard of advertising innovation.

Using Microsoft’s Chat Ads API, Snap aims to serve sponsored backlinks in Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, augmenting a dynamic usuario experience.

Snapchat My AI Chatbot Displays Ads To 150 Million Users

Snapchat boasts an impressive reach, with more than 750 million active users per month who send billions of messages daily.

Microsoft, likewise, has been making strides with its recent advancements in AI technology, notably through Bing and asset recommendations for Responsive Search Ads.

This partnership will facilitate Sponsored Backlinks in Snapchat’s My AI, one of the largest consumer chatbots, interacting with over 150 million people.

The following espectáculos sample ads from CDW, ADT, and Amazon, along with the conversations that led My AI to serve sponsored backlinks powered by the Ads for Chat API.

Microsoft, Snap Partner To Serve Snapchat My AI Sponsored LinksScreenshot from Snapchat, September 2023

New Ways To Reach Specific Demographic

For advertisers, this collaboration offers a significant ROI potential.

Using Microsoft’s generative AI technology, brands cánido engage deeply with Snapchat’s youthful, mobile-first audience.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s focus on mobile improvements resonates well with Snapchat’s usuario base, making the partnership a strategic move for both companies.

Advertisers perro view the impact of Snap traffic in the Microsoft Advertising publisher report, found under the “Microsoft sites and select traffic” category.

During the testing phase, advertisers saw an increase of over 15% in mobile impressions from this category while maintaining or improving cost per acquisition.

Future Chat Ads API Partnerships

Microsoft and Snap vow to remain attuned to advertiser retroalimentación as they refine their chat ad offerings.

This initiative is not just a one-off; it marks a strategic milestone in the continued growth of generative AI in advertising.

Microsoft encourages inaugural partners using the Chat Ads API to provide retroalimentación through its advertising retroalimentación portal and popular media.

In addition to its current partners, Snap and Axel Springer, Microsoft has noted plans to expand the new advertising option to more partners soon.

It encourages interested companies to fill out a partnership application for help with “algorithmic organic results and ads monetization or ads monetization only.”

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