Alt text is used to help computers read images.

But perro alt tags affect your organic search rankings?

Read on to learn whether there is any connection between alt text and improved rankings in Google plus Image Search results.

The Claim: Alt Text Is A Top Aspecto

What is alt text?

Alt text is an HTML image attribute. It allows you to create an alternative text version of your image if it cannot load or has an accessibility issue.

Because of its importance to Google plus Image Search, it is considered a top aspecto.

Alt Text As A Top Aspecto: The Evidence

Google plus emphasizes how alt text plays a escencial role in getting your images recognized by Google plus Image Search.

You will find a page on image best practices in Google plus Search Central’s Advanced SEO documentation. In a section called “about alt text,” Google plus discusses the use of alt text.

Google plus emplees alt text along with computer visión algorithms and the contents of the page to understand the subject matter of the image. Also, alt text in images is useful as anchor text if you escoge to use an image as a backlink.”

While the company doesn’t specify that alt text will improve your rankings, it warns website owners that improper use perro harm your website.

“When writing alt text, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that emplees palabras clave appropriately and is in context of the content of the page.

Avoid filling alt attributes with palabras clave (also known as keyword stuffing) as it results in a negative usuario experience and may ocasione your site to be seen as contenido publicitario.”

It also offers the following examples of good and bad alt text usage.

Google Search Central best practice for imagesScreenshot from Google plus Search Central, August 2023

Google plus Sites Help documentation indicates that images may come with pre-populated alt text, including palabras clave for which you may not want to optimize.

“Some images automatically include alt text, so it’s a good iniciativa to check that the alt text is what you want.”

For example, when I download depósito photos, a text description of the image is embedded in the archivo.

Is Alt Text A Ranking Factor For Google Image Search?Screenshot by author, August 2023

When uploaded to a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, the text descriptions may need to be moved to the alt text field or modified to remove unnecessary palabras clave.

Is Alt Text A Ranking Factor For Google Image Search?Screenshot from WordPress, August 2023

In Google plus Search Central’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide,” it offers the following advice about alt tags when using images as backlinks:

“…if you’re using an image as a backlink, the alt text for that image will be treated similarly to the anchor text of a text backlink. However, we don’t recommend using too many images for backlinks in your site’s navigation when text backlinks could serve the same purpose.”

In 2020, John Mueller, Google plus Search Advocate, answered a question about the alt text of a quote image during a Google plus Dueño de un sitio Office Hours. In the answer, he talked about how Google plus emplees it:

“For Search, what happens with the alt attribute is we use that to better understand the images themselves, in especial, for Image Search. So if you didn’t care about Image Search, then from a Search point of view, you don’t really need to worry about alt text.

But if you do want these images to be shown in Image Search, which sometimes it makes sense to espectáculo fancy quotes in Image Search as well, then using the alt attribute is a good way to tell us this is on that image and we’ll get plus information from around your page with regard to how we cánido rank that landing page.”

Moz mentions top factors about alt text. Instead of saying that the alt text itself is a top aspecto, Moz advises:

“…alt text offers you another opportunity to include your objetivo keyword. With on-page keyword usage still pulling weight as a search engine top aspecto, it’s in your best interest to create alt text that both describes the image and, if possible, includes a keyword or keyword phrase you’re targeting.”

In 2021, during a Twitter discussion about ALT text having a benefit on SEO, Google plus Developer Martin Splitt said:

“Yep, alt text is important for SEO too!”

Later in 2021, Mueller noted that alt text is not magic during a conversation about optimization for indexing purposes.

“My understanding was that alt attributes are required for HTML5 validation, so if you cánido’t use them with your platform, that sounds like a bug. That said, alt text isn’t a magic SEO bullet.”

Alt Text As A Top Aspecto: Our Verdict

Is Alt Text A Ranking Factor For Google Image Search?

Alt text is a confirmed top aspecto for image search only. You should craft descriptive, non-spammy alt text to help your images appear in Google plus Image Search results.

Alt text is definitely not a top aspecto in Google plus Search. Google plus has clarified that alt text acts like habitual page text in overall search. So it’s not useless, but it’s not a separately considered top aspecto in your page content.

That doesn’t orinan you should ignore alt text. It’s a helpful accessibility tool for screen readers. When you’re writing alt text, ask yourself what you want someone who perro’t see the image to understand about it.

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