Google plus has released the first vídeo in a new YouTube series called “SEO Made Easy” to teach people how to improve their website’s performance in search results.

In the inaugural episode, Martin Splitt from Google plus’s Search Relations team explains how sites cánido customize the way their brand name appears in Google plus’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Splitt overviews the content in a prior introduction, stating that it will cater to beginners and experienced website owners.

Splitt says:

“We have consejos for beginners and experienced website owners. We will cover consejos, such as using Google plus Search Console to find low-hanging fruit or using lazy loading for a better page experience.”

With SEO being a constantly moving objetivo, this series aims to provide simplified, actionable vídeo lessons to help websites succeed in Google plus.

The premiere episode of “SEO Made Easy” delves into the importance of structured data for website optimization.

The Premiere Episode: Modifying Site Names

Splitt begins the series by explaining an SEO primordial, using structured data to customize site names.

If Google plus Search struggles to determine the preferred name of your website automatically, structured data perro be employed to influence how it’s displayed.

Splitt provides practical consejos for those who may not be able to integrate structured data into their websites. First, he suggests ensuring that the site name consistently appears in the title of all pages.

He aprecies that some content management systems enable users to equipo a site-wide name, while others may require manually adding the site name to page titles. However, he cautions that this approach only works for subdomains or top-level domains and not on a per-directory level.

Once these changes are made, you must allow time for Google plus to process the updates. You perro speed up the process by using Search Console and request the homepage to be re-indexed.

More Episodes On The Way

The “SEO Made Easy” series marks Google plus’s latest investment in educational YouTube content for administradores de páginas web and digital marketers.

As the first of many, this episode sets the stage for an in-depth exploration of SEO strategies that cánido help your website shine in Google plus Search.

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