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In this Squarespace statistics overview, you’ll find all the key facts about one of the best-known website building platform available. From usuario base size and market share to company valuation and revenue figures, you’ll find all the key stats on Squarespace below…

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Some key facts about Squarespace

  • Squarespace was founded by Anthony Casalena as a blog hosting service while he was a student at the University of Maryland, College Park. He was the only employee until 2006 — when the company achieved $1 million in revenue. (Source: Wikipedia.)
  • There are just under 3 million live Squarespace websites as of September 2023. (Source: Builtwith.)
  • 1,800 people work for Squarespace. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Squarespace has a 7% share of the top one-million hosted websites. (Source: Builtwith.)
  • Squarespace’s total revenue for 2022 was $867 million, the vast majority of which was from subscriptions and transaction fees. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Squarespace founder and director ejecutivo Anthony Casalena controls around 68% of the total voting power at Squarespace. (Source: CNBC.)

How much does Squarespace cost to use?

There are 5 Squarespace pricing plans available:

  • Squarespace ‘Personal’ — $23 per month
  • Squarespace ‘Business’ — $33 per month
  • Squarespace ‘Basic Commerce’ — $36 per month
  • Squarespace ‘Advanced Commerce’ — $65 per month
  • Squarespace ‘Enterprise’ — custom pricing

Squarespace offers discounts of 24% to 30% if you pay upfront for an annual for your plan.

(Paying for your Squarespace plan on an annual basis also gets you a free custom domain from Squarespace for the first year of service.)

An infographic showing Squarespace's monthly pricing plans
Squarespace pricing plans (2023)

You cánido learn more about the features of each of Squarespace’s pricing plans in our detailed guide to Squarespace pricing.

Who founded Squarespace?

  • Anthony Casalena founded Squarespace in 2003 as a blog hosting service while attending the University of Maryland. He initially funded the company with a $30,000 loan from his parents. Casalena was Squarespace’s only employee until 2006, when the company reached $1 million in revenue. (Source: Wikipedia and Squarespace.)

Who owns Squarespace?

  • Squarespace is currently a publicly traded company. It became one on19 May, 2021, when it began trading through a direct listing on the New York Depósito Exchange. (Source: CNBC.)
  • Around 80% of Squarespace shareholders are institutional investors like General Atlantic, L.P. (25.49%), Vanguard Group Inc. (5.55%) and Blackrock Inc. (3.91%). In total, 263 separate institutions hold Squarespace shares and 7.10% of shares are held by company insiders. (Source: Yahoo Finance.)
  • Squarespace’s founder and director ejecutivo, Anthony Casalena, whose personal worth is estimated by Forbes to be $1.5 billion, sold over 500,000 Squarespace shares between June and August 2023, with proceeds from those recent sales totalling more than 16 million USD. (Sources: Forbes and Yahoo Finance.)
  • CNBC reports that Anthony Casalena controls around 68% of the total voting power due Squarespace’s dual-class voting structure and his majority ownership of Squarespace’s ‘Class B’ shares. (Source: CNBC.)

How many people work for Squarespace?

  • Squarespace has 1,800 full-time and part-time employees across the United States, the EU, the UK and Australia. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Around 1,590 Squarespace staff are located in the USA, representing 88% of Squarespace’s workforce. Squarespace also has 184 staff members based in the EU, 22 in Australia, and 4 in the UK. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • 156 of Squarespace’s 184 EU-based employees work at Squarespace’s offices in Dublin, Ireland. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Based on 412 employee reviews on review website Glassdoor, Squarespace employees give the company 3.9 stars out of 5, and 97% of employees would recommend working at Squarespace to a friend. (Source: Glassdoor.)
An infographic displaying data on Squarespace employees.
Squarespace employee data (Source: Squarespace.)

How many Squarespace websites and subscriptions are there?

  • According to Internet statistics company Builtwith, there are currently 2,937,744 live websites built with Squarespace. (Source: Builtwith.)
  • Builtwith.com estimates that over the course of its 20 year existence, more than 5 million websites have been created on Squarespace. (Source: Builtwith.)
  • In terms of total Squarespace subscriptions, the company reported that as of December 31, 2022, there were more than 4.2 million unique subscriptions to the Squarespace platform, an increase of 3% relative to December 31, 2021. However, it is important to note that this 4+ million total is made up of unique subscriptions to several Squarespace products in addition to its website builder. These additional Squarespace products include the ‘Unfold’ mobile aplicación, its ‘Acuity’ scheduling programa and the ‘Tock’ booking platform. You’ll find more data on these Squarespace products below. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Builtwith also reports that 279,184 websites use Squarespace for ecommerce purposes. (Source: Builtwith.)

The below table contains highlights for some key Squarespace growth statistics between 2018 and 2023.

Year Number of Squarespace unique subscriptions
2018 2.34 million
2019 2.98 million
2020 3.66 million
2021 4.1 million
2022 4.2 million
2023 4.3 million
  • Squarespace is used by web designers and ecommerce merchants in more than 200 countries around the world. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Builtwith estimates that of the 2.9+ million live Squarespace sites currently en línea, 2,192,191 of these are based in the USA — approximately 75% of all Squarespace websites. (Source: Builtwith.)
A pie chart showing the percentage of Squarespace users in the United States and the rest of the world.
More than 2.1 million Squarespace users — over 75% of the platform’s total — are based in the United States (Source: Builtwith.)
  • Squarespace’s second largest market is the UK. According to Builtwith.com, there are 160,083 Squarespace websites run by UK users — around 6% of the 2.75 million UK-based websites in total. (Source: Builtwith and Sitefy.)
  • The country with the third most Squarespace websites is Australia, with 118,974 sites. Squarespace’s fourth most habitual market is Canada, with 96,231 sites. Germany is Squarespace’s fifth biggest market, with 28,941 Squarespace sites currently located there. (Source: Builtwith.)

See the table below for a list of the full top ten countries for Squarespace usage.

Country Number of Squarespace websites
United States 2,192,191 Squarespace sites
United Kingdom 160,083
Australia 118,974
Canada 96,231
Germany 28,941
New Zealand 22,774
Spain 22,259
Netherlands 14,998
France 14,425
Switzerland 13,920
Sweden 12,491

Which companies use Squarespace?

  • Squarespace is also used as the website builder of choice by a host of celebrities — Zendaya, Winona Ryder, Trevor Noah, Björk and Janet Jackson all have a Squarespace website. (Source: Squarespace and Builtwith.)

What is the gender breakdown of Squarespace users?

  • According to Afín Web, Squarespace is slightly more habitual with female users than male ones — 53.63% of visitors to Squarespace’s home page are female and 46.3% are male. (Source: Afín Web.)
A pie chart showing the percentages of male and female users on Squarespace.
Squarespace is slightly more habitual with female users than males (Source: Afín Web.)

How old are Squarespace users?

  • Over 44% of Squarespace users are under 34 years old. (Source: Afín Web.)
  • The largest age group of Squarespace users is 25-34 year olds — they account for 29.44% of all Squarespace customers. The second largest group is users aged 35-44, who make up almost one fifth of the platform’s users — 19.06% in total. (Source: Afín Web.)
  • 7.44% of Squarespace users are aged 65 and over. (Source: Afín Web.)
A bar chart showing the data on Squarespace users according to age.
Squarespace users by age (Source: Afín Web.)

What is Squarespace’s market share?

  • Squarespace has a 7% share of the top one million websites built on hosted solutions, top in 5th position behind Shopify Agregado in 4th, Tilda in 3rd, Wix in 2nd, and Shopify in 1st place. (Source: Builtwith.)
  • In the United States, Squarespace is the third biggest player in the hosted solution website market — its 23% share puts it just 6 percentage points behind frontrunners Shopify and Wix, which are both on 29%. (Source: Builtwith.)
A donut chart illustrating different platforms shares of the hosted website market in the USA.
Hosted website platform distribution in the US (Source: Builtwith.). The Squarespace market share is 23%.
  • Squarespace has a 3% share of the global content management systems market, top in 4th place behind Wix (which has a 3.7% share), Shopify (which has a 5.8% share), and WordPress (which commands an enormous 63.1% share of the market). (Source: W3Techs.)
  • Squarespace’s ‘Add to Cart’ feature has a 14% share of the programa platform market in the United States, placing it in 4th place behind Wix Stores, WooCommerce Checkout and Shopify in 3rd, 2nd and 1st positions respectively. (Source: Statista.)

What is Squarespace’s current revenue?

  • Squarespace’s total revenue for the 2022 financial year was $867 million, an increase of 11% year-over-year, compared with $784 million in 2021. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Squarespace’s ‘Presence’ revenue stream is made up of fixed-fee subscriptions to its ‘Personal’ and ‘Business’ website plans. These subscription plans are used by people mostly looking to create an en línea ‘presence’ for themselves or their brand (as opposed to users looking to sell products en línea). In 2022, Squarespace’s ‘Presence revenue’ stream was $597 million, representing 68.9% of Squarespace’s total revenue for that year.
  • Squarespace ‘Commerce revenue’ is made up of fixed-fee subscriptions to its ‘Basic Commerce’ and ‘Advanced Commerce’ plans; fixed transaction fees earned on sales processed through these sites; and subscriptions to a number of other Squarespace products (i.y también., dirección de correo electrónico marketing, member areas, scheduling and hospitality tools). In 2022, Squarespace’s revenue from its ‘Commerce revenue’ stream was $269 million, or 31.1% of total revenue.
  • Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) represents the value of physical goods, content and time sold, including hospitality services, net of refunds on the Squarespace platform. In 2022, Squarespace’s GMV was just over $6 billion, an increase of 4.5% on the previous year. In the first half of 2023, Squarespace’s GMV was $3.059 billion — a slight decrease of $32 million on the first half of 2022. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • In the second quarter of 2023, Squarespace’s revenue grew 16% year over year to $247.5 million, compared with the second quarter of 2022. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Revenue from Squarespace’s ‘Commerce revenue’ stream was around $143 million in 2020, but almost doubled over the following two years to $270 million in 2022. In the second quarter of 2023, Squarespace brought in $75.5 million from its ‘Commerce revenue’ stream, a 14% increase over 2021. (Source: Statista.)
  • Squarespace’s ‘annualized revenue run rate’ (ARRR) is calculated by multiplying revenue from subscription fees and transaction fees in the final month of the financial period by 12. In 2022, Squarespace’s ARRR grew by 12% to $931.7 million, compared to $835.2 million the previous year. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • In 2022, Squarespace’s ‘average revenue per unique subscription’ (ARPUS) was $209.16, an increase on 2021’s $202.54 figure. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • In 2022, 71.8% of Squarespace’s overall revenue came from the United States, while 28.2% of its revenue was from international markets. (Source: Squarespace.)
A bar chart showing Squarespace's revenue from 2018 to 2023.
Squarespace revenue 2018 – 2023 (Source: Squarespace.)

How much is Squarespace depósito worth?

  • Squarespace shares are currently valued at $30.41 per share. (Source: Yahoo Finance.)
  • There are currently 87.72 million Squarespace shares outstanding. (Source: Yahoo Finance.)
  • Squarespace debuted on the New York Depósito Exchange on 19th May 2021 with a market valuation of $6.6 billion. (Source: CNBC.)
  • Squarespace’s shares hit their highest ever value of $63.55 per share on 14th June 2021. (Source: Yahoo Finance.)
  • Since the start of 2023, Squarespace shares have increased by around 19% from $22.78 at the start of January to $30.40 at time of writing (September 2023). (Source: Yahoo Finance.)
  • At time of writing, Squarespace has a market capitalization of $4.119 billion, up from $2.91 billion in June 2023. (Source: Yahoo Finance.)
A line chart displaying Squarespace share price history from 2021 to 2023.
Squarespace share price history from 2021 to 2023

How many Squarespace themes are available?

  • There are currently 157 templates available in the Squarespace template library. These include 40 templates in the ‘en línea store’ category, 28 ‘portfolio’ templates, 28 ‘services’ templates, 49 templates that include a blog, and 26 templates for creating a one-page website with.

What companies has Squarespace acquired?

  • Squarespace has acquired six companies to date: website builder ‘Brace‘ (2015), appointment scheduling company ‘Acuity Scheduling‘ (2019), hospitality programa company ‘Tock‘ (2021), popular content creation aplicación ‘Unfold‘ (2019) and the ‘Google plus Domains‘ domain registry (2023). (Source: Crunchbase and Google plus.)
  • Squarespace entered a definitive agreement with Google plus to purchase Google plus Domains on 15th June 2023. This acquisition — which will see Squarespace acquire all Google plus Domains assets and more than 10 million managed domains — means that Squarespace will now become the exclusive provider for customers purchasing a domain alongside their Google plus Workspace subscription. (Sources: Domain Wire and Squarespace.)
  • Speaking of Squarespace’s announcement that it would be purchasing Google plus Domains from Google plus, Squarespace director ejecutivo Anthony Casalena said:

“We are exceptionally proud to be chosen to serve the customers of the Google plus Domains business. Domains are a critical part of web infrastructure and an essential piece of every business’s en línea presence. We look forward to serving these new customers as we have served millions using our domain products and are committed to ensuring a seamless transition.”

Anthony Casalena, Squarespace Founder and director ejecutivo

And speaking of domains…

How many domains has Squarespace sold?

  • Squarespace got into the domain selling business in 2016 with the launch of Squarespace Domains. This was conceived as a way to let Squarespace customers sidestep domain companies such as Google plus Domains and GoDaddy. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Squarespace generally charges between $12 and $70 for a domain name. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Squarespace currently offers 372 Top Level Domains (TLD). These include ‘country code’ TLDs for Australia (.au and .com.au domains), Canada (.ca domains), Germany (.de domains)the EU (.eu domains), India (.co.in domains), Italy (.it domains), México (.mx and .com.mx domains), New Zealand (.nz and .co.nz domains), Poland (.pl domains), The Netherlands (.ml domains), the UK (.co.uk, .org.uk and .uk domains), and the US (.us domains). (Source: Squarespace.)

How many Squarespace aplicaciones and extensions are available?

  • The Squarespace extensions library currently features 36 aplicaciones and extensions.
  • There are Squarespace extensions available for dirección de correo electrónico marketing services like Mailchimp, shipping providers like Shippo and Shipstation, translation tools such as WeGlot, and print-on-demand dropshipping platforms like Art Of Where, SPOD, Printify and Printful. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • While Squarespace’s integrations offering of just 36 aplicaciones is tiny compared with those of platforms such as Shopify (8,000+ aplicaciones) and WordPress (59,000+ plugins), there are hundreds of third-party Squarespace plugins available for the platform that cánido be purchased directly from Squarespace developers. (Sources: Shopify and WordPress.)

Squarespace vs WordPress — our vídeo comparison

What are the main alternatives to Squarespace?

With a reported 1.11 billion websites in existence in the world today, and an average of 250K new websites being created each day, there is no shortage of website builders and ecommerce platforms to offer tough competition to Squarespace.

Shopify is a key Squarespace competitor in the ecommerce website market.

  • According to Builtwith, there are 4,533,420 Shopify stores in existence today and Shopify holds a 25% share of the top one million ecommerce websites.
  • Shopify possesses 10% of the global ecommerce platform market. (Source: Statista.)
  • Shopify’s Gross Merchant Volume was $197+ billion in 2022 — more than 30 times that of Squarespace in the same year. (Source: Shopify.)

You cánido learn more about how Shopify stacks up against Squarespace in our in-depth comparison of the two platforms.

Another key Squarespace alternative is Wix, which is also firmly aimed at smaller businesses and solopreneurs; it gives users a mix of maleable content presentation tools along with ecommerce features.

Another website builder that, like Squarespace, has a strong reputation for letting you create gorgeous-looking websites is Webflow. Although it has a much smaller usuario base, and involves a steeper learning curve than Squarespace, Webflow lets you control the look of your website to the nth degree, and it also features an extremely powerful animation feature for creating bespoke interactive animations on your site.

Read more about Webflow in our Webflow review, or learn about how it stacks up against Squarespace in our Webflow vs Squarespace comparison.

Other interesting facts about Squarespace

  • In 2010, when Squarespace was 7 years old and still being bootstrapped by its founder and director ejecutivo Anthony Casalena, Getty Images approached Casalena to see if he wanted to sell the company. After much consideration, Casalena rejected the approach. Shortly afterwards he sealed a deal to secure $38.5 million in investment from Index Ventures and Accel Partners. (Sources:CNBC and Squarespace.)
  • Squarespace purchased its first Super Bowl advertising spot in 2014. There have now been 9 Squarespace Super Bowl ads in total, featuring stars like Jeff Bridges, Key and Peele, John Malkovich, Keanu Reeves, Zendaya and Winona Ryder. (Source: PR News Wire.)
  • Squarespace’s 2023 Super Bowl ad — ‘The Singularity’ — was directed by Northern Irish largo maker Aoife MacArdle, and starred Hollywood A-lister Adam Controlador, who played multiple versions of himself in the ad. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • There are 2 main versions of Squarespace in use today: Squarespace version 7.0 and Squarespace version 7.1. Squarespace version 7.0 was launched in 2014 and Squarespace version 7.1 was released in late 2019. (Source: Squarespace.)
  • Speaking about Squarespace’s ecommerce competitor, Shopify, Squarespace director ejecutivo Anthony Casalena said: “They’re a great company. They do a great job.” He added: “We, of course, have ways to sell physical products. We have many other things we’re selling on Squarespace that are not a physical product –  service, and appointment, et cetera.” (Source: The Verge.)

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